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Winchester Art Club
Alan Trussler works in watercolour and tries not just to paint beautiful things, but try to see and paint all things as beautifully as possible.

Ali Lindley is a creative artist specialising in watercolour and mixed media work.

Ann Wadman sculpts the female form in stone, ciment fondu, clay and wood.

Arti Chauhan is a fine artist with a special interest in portraiture and figurative work. She is self taught and works in various media such as watercolor, graphite pencil, charcoal and soft pastels.

Carol Parsons has been an artist for many years and has work in private collections in the UK, Australia, USA and France. She runs regular workshops, trips and holidays, as well as demonstrating to various groups.

Cherril Norrie paints a range of subjests, mainly in oils. 

Clarissa Russell is a professional artist working in oil, acrylic, pastel & watercolour.

Derek Snowdon
works mainly in oil and has undertaken many commissions in subjects such as railway scenes, buildings, landscapes, marine and caricatures. He also works in watercolour.

Hilary Archer
paints in oils, mixed media or watercolours, and paints animals or semi-abstract forms. She also carves human or animal forms in various woods and stones.

Ian Case
paints still life and landscapes in oil and mixed media

Jen Boardman has spent a lifetime of expressing herself through pencils, paint, ink and pastel and in later years in three dimensions with a wide variety of materials and techniques.

Jo Richardson is a painter and printmaker whose subjects are mainly animals.

Joan Willingham paints in all media but mostly oils and her favourite subject is still life.

Josephine Chisholm uses various media: acrylic, gouache, watercolour, pen & wash, pastels, and oils to portray the vibrancy and freedom of different life stiles and the pattern and colour of humanity.

Judith Eaton studied at the Chelsea Art School and the Royal College of Art. After teaching art she now explores and develops her passion for colour and shape.

Judy Strafford studied Fine Art at Brighton College of Art, and now works all media, and exhibits widely. She likes to express herself in her work with vibrant colours, strong form, light and texture.

Keith Bennett
works in different media and his figurative tonal paintings embrace many subjects but he has always enjoyed drawing from the model and painted many portraits.

Lisa Steincke
works in a variety of media, but is entirely captivated by the challenging, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately highly rewarding medium of watercolour painting.

Paul Watling is a wildlife artist who works in oils. He accepts commissions for all types of wildlife - including equestrian and domestic pets.

Peter Jaques works as a freelance graphic designer in both design and illustration, and has recently launched his own fine art publishing house.

Richard Plincke RI has painted since childhood and in his fifties moved to a more experimental approach which he continues to evolve, concentrating now on watercolour and mixed media, sometimes with the addition of collage

Tony Hunt VPRI works in watercolour and acrylic and has several interests in painting, and his one current and primary issue surrounds the notion of landscape.

Tricia Spink
has painted and exhibited all over the world. She enjoys watercolours, pastels and drawing; recently devoting time to scenes of Winchester, and depicting the many species of British Bumblebee on calf vellum.

Trish Brant attended Art College but is largely self-taught. She uses most mediums but favours Acrylic and Pastels, and her favourite subjects are Wildlife and Big Cats.

Valerie Tierney
currently works mainly in hand dyed silk fibre and felt to represent the mood evoked by a landscape. She also works in watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media.

Vicky Ramsden is an artist and photographer.

Wendy Bramall is a commercial illustrator who also paints for pleasure. She paints from nature using a wide range of media.

Wendy Warren depicts domestic and wild animals in pastel with photo-realistic detail.